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Online Safety

At Rowhill School the Department is committed to raising awareness of Online Safety and E-Safety for all our pupils and we encourage our students to be safe and responsible when using the internet.

The implementation of E- Safety learning can also be found threaded in Rowhill’ s safeguarding curriculum planning across the school in all subject areas. In addition, all staff complete the statutory e- safety module training to ensure staff and pupils are aware of and understand online harmful content, the use of technology and its risks.

We encourage pupils to be safe online in various ways and not only within their lessons, for example, inviting external guest speakers such as local PCSO’s to discuss County Lines and how young pupils can be targeted online through social media. 

Furthermore, with the KCSIE 2023 changes on the online filtering and monitoring process, our Online Safety Lead, Mark Stephenson, communicates closely with our IT provider to filter and restrict access to websites with unwanted content. Staff continue to report to the DSL if they have any concerns around a pupil potentially accessing any harmful content or unsafe internet usage. Responsible staff will educate pupils on healthy internet usage and share with parents where necessary.

Resources promoting online safety are regularly shared with pupils and parents, for example through tutor time, individual discussions and with parents such as through email and the regular school newsletter.

Please look at the following links which provide advice and information for young people and their digital wellbeing:

At Rowhill, we value our parental engagement and work with parents in supporting their children in keeping safe online. With confident and knowledgeable support given by staff,  parents will continue to be signposted through meetings/phone calls/emails/newsletters to relevant resources and a reminder to enrol on our National Online Safety platform available specifically for parents.

Please see the link below to join:

Additional Information

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