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In the Information Technology Department, we help Key Stage 3 students develop their skills in using computers and other electronic devices that are used in the world around them.

Our aim is to develop pupils who:

  • Are confident in using Computers
  • Can use a wide variety of software packages
  • Develop skills that are valued by employers and colleges
  • Are responsible with their use of ICT
  • Understand how to be safe Online

Pupils follow a varied programme of study in which they access industry standard software and experience new advances in technology.  This is designed to help them acquire a wide range of skills and techniques which can be applied in different environments.

In Key Stage 3, pupils follow a computing- project based curriculum, preparing them for Computer Science which is currently taught in mainstream schools, so they are ready to join these lessons.

Our programme of study includes:


Areas to be covered

Photoshop project

Animation & Image editing

What effect does this have on how we see the world?



E – Safety Project

Understand the importance of communicating and staying safe online.

Understanding the dangers of cyber crime

Knowing how to keep personal information safe

The dangers of revealing too much personal information online.



Introduction to Office software

Identify the different roles that Office Software offer

Use the software features to create appropriate output



The History of Computing

Look into the history of computing

Identifying and explaining what Operations Systems, hardware and software are.

Give examples of how data is stored on computers

What is input/output?

How is binary used?



Web Page Design or Personal Research Project

Students to design a web page using online software and start to write in code.



Poster and YouTube Custom Thumbnails

Produce the advertising and promotional material for a music festival, using the skills they have developed throughout the year

Creation of YouTube Custom Thumbnails



If you would like more information about this or additional resources, the Department recommends the CGP KS3 computing book which you can purchase here:

At Rowhill School the Department is committed to raising awareness of Online Safety and E-Safety for all our pupils and we encourage our students to be safe and responsible when using the internet.

If you would like to find out more information about this please look at the following links:

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command

Anti Bullying Alliance