Rowhill School

financial education

Finance is taught to Year 11 three lessons a week and Year 10 two lessons a week. Its aims are to ensure more pupils gain valuable financial awareness as they leave school for the wider world, as required within the National Curriculum.

Pupils will work towards achieving a Lessons in Financial Education award or certificate run by the London Institute of Banking & Finance. Work is completed and assessed online, with completion of the three units resulting in a Level 1 or 2 award or certificate.

The main aims of this course are:

  • Giving real-life engaging activities and scenarios that pupils can relate to
  • Working independently to build up pupils’ knowledge and skills
  • Employability skills that will prepare pupils for the world of work and lifelong learning

LIFE Curriculum map, to be taught over the course of the academic year, will consist of:


Unit 1

  • Money
  • Sources of money
  • Storing money safely
  • Spending and budgeting
  • Saving and selling
  • Borrowing
  • What is Insurance
  • How do we keep our money safe?

Unit 2

  • Modern banking
  • Pay and pay calculations
  • Types of payment card
  • The cost of borrowing
  • Using money abroad
  • Financial difficulties and their consequences
  • Financial advice and protection

Unit 3

  • Employability – Applying for a job
  • Roles and career paths
  • The financial services industry
  • Routes into financial careers and other industries



  • Personal and social development, to build the financial skills so they are confident and resilient in dealing with money and financial products in the wider world.
  • Pupils will be given the opportunity to improve their employability skills as they prepare to leave school.
  • Pupils will have the appropriate tools to be able to manage their personal budget
  • Demonstrate numeracy skills that can be used within financial and numerical data (for example borrowing and spending, APR rates) and the products that are on offer to them (for example mortgages, savings accounts etc)
  • Pupils will be encouraged to work and acquire this knowledge independently



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