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What if...                                                                                                                          

You are late through no fault of your own

  • Don't panic and get to School as quickly as possible

  • Get someone to contact the School and leave a message for Mr Stephenson

  • On arrival at School report to reception

Assuming there is a valid reason and the exam is still on, you will be able to take the exam and have the full amount of time. If the exam has finished before you arrive, you will not be allowed to sit the exam.You are very ill on the day of the exam

  • Contact Mr Stephenson  immediately and discuss what to do.

Please note that the illness has to be very serious before the exam board will give any kind of concession - you must get into School and take the exam to be considered for special consideration. If you don't take the exam you will not get any marks.There are adverse weather conditions

  • In the event of bad weather the Rowhill School will be open for all external Exams.

Students should arrive at the published start times (as per their Individual Exam Timetables, ready to sit their exam/s).

It is important to note that the Joint Council for Qualifications will not cancel Exams due to bad weather and therefore any student absent for any reason will score zero for that exam paper.

You are worried about the exams in any way

  • Talk to your Tutor


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